Does Wix Cause Issues with SEO?

Does Wix Cause issues with SEO?

Wix is a website platform aimed at DIY’ers, so naturally they’re going to make sacrifices in order to deliver a system that’s easier to use.

From an SEO Stand point, Wix is not an ideal choice for the following reasons.

Firstly, Wix is slow. A Wix Website can take upwards of 4 seconds to completely load, and on mobile the problem is further exacerbated due to slow 3G Mobile Connections and the heavy use of code which requires processing power — which many phones just don’t have that much of in comparison to Desktops.

Secondly, Linking in Wix is weird. It’s not to standard, which means that search engines , like Google, can find it harder to index all your content. Like in early 2016, when there was an issue where all Wix sites on the Wix platform were removed from the search results – you just don’t want this to happen to you.

Look, Wix is a good platform for starting off when you’re on a shoe string budget. But if your business is mature and relies on the web, you should use something well supported like WordPress through a reputable web developer.
Wix just isn’t a good platform for usability, speed, SEO or reliability.

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