Getting the most out of OzBargain

What is OzBargain? Ozbargain ( is a bargain hunting community website, where people and businesses alike post hot deals, coupon codes, vouchers, promotions and freebies online. How can OzBargain work for me? OzBargain can be used in a multitude of ways, including from using it to build an subscriber base, to offloading some of your […]

Why do we keep getting SEO Email Spam?

In this video I investigate SEO Spam. Who’s sending it? You’d be surprised at the answer, I was! Watch as I show you the results of replying to those pesky SEO Spam Emails that we all get.   Transcript: What happens when you reply to SEO Spam? We all get it. Some of us, more than others. […]

Does Wix Cause Issues with SEO?

Transcript: Does Wix Cause issues with SEO? Wix is a website platform aimed at DIY’ers, so naturally they’re going to make sacrifices in order to deliver a system that’s easier to use. From an SEO Stand point, Wix is not an ideal choice for the following reasons. Firstly, Wix is slow. A Wix Website can […]