Engaging a website consultant

Engaging A Website Consultant

Quick Tips for small business owners

In today’s fast paced business environment, your customers and clients expect you to have at the very least a basic website where they can find your business information and contact details.

For these types of websites, there are template tools online that can allow you to get a easy and quick website up that will allow you to achieve these tasks. These tools include Wix, Squarespace among others.

However, when a website is needed to attract new visitors and turn those visitors into clients. A new approach is needed, one that can form part of your overall marketing strategy.

This guide will look at the decision making and evaluation you should be doing to find an appropriate business to build your website. It should also be stressed that your website alone won’t bring you leads, it’s merely your presence. Your website should also have an online marketing plan to bring traffic so that your website can work to its potential.

Think of it this way: Your website is your store front, and your online marketing is your foot traffic.

Choosing your website provider

A web designer is a company or person that specialises in the development and design of custom website solutions for business owners.

Consider the following when evaluating the consultant:

<b>Personal Recommendations</b> – Ask friends, colleagues and other professionals whose judgement you respect when it comes to online business.
<b>Case Studies and Testimonials</b> – Does the digital agency provide case studies of existing clients in similar situations to you?
<b>Search</b> – Have a look online for popular and up-and-coming web design agencies.
<b>Location</b> – Ensuing the agency is located in Australia is essential to ensure your protections under consumer law, and to understand Australian business.

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