3 Tips for Digital Marketing that Will Set Your Business Apart

The chances are that by this stage, you know how important digital marketing can be to your business. If you don’t have a presence online, within your specific target niche, you might as well not exist. Unfortunately, a lot of companies simply don’t know how to effectively reach their potential customers. This is particularly true among small businesses, which struggle with a small budget, and limited recognition for their brand.

In a time when the public exposed to more media than ever before, the success of your small business will largely depend on your ability to hone in on your audience and attract the right prospects to your company. It’s not about simply expanding your market reach, but building a marketing plan that’s all about precision and engagement.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can start taking steps to set your business apart in the saturated marketplace, with the help of digital marketing solutions.

Step 1: Improve your Social Media Efforts

Social media is one of the key strategies that businesses use today when it comes to getting the attention of their most important customers. After all, today’s clients don’t just want to do business with their favourite brands – they want to build relationships with them too. That means that your social media strategy has to involve a lot more than sending out a few tweets now and again.

To help target your social media strategy, you’ll need to figure out which platforms your prospects and customers are spending the most of their time. This will help you to figure out where you should invest most of your budget into your marketing efforts. General demographic information can be a good start when doing research. For instance, Instagram and Pinterest often appeal more to women, while Google+ appeals more to men.

Once you know which channels are best for your business, you’ll need to start interacting with your customers on a deeper level. This usually means sharing interesting and valuable information that gets your customers interested, while asking questions to spark a conversation. You can also make your social media a little more personal by adding images to your posts.

Step 2: Make your Connections More Personal

When it comes to building their brand through content, a lot of businesses spend so much time focusing on SEO, that they forget about designing the posts that they produce to appeal to their target audience. However, if you can customise your content to make it more relevant and valuable to the people you’re talking to, you’ll often end up with better results.

Personalisation is considered to be a key buzzword in the modern world of digital marketing, and there’s a good reason for that. Almost all of the algorithms responsible for ranking content today have something to do with quality and relevance. Using personalisation across your social media posts and websites will help you to engage your customers, and ensure that the right people see your advertisements.

Remember, the best way to personalise your content is to create user personas based on demographics, buying behaviours, pain points, and interests.

Step 3: Remember to Retarget

Finally, if you want your digital marketing solutions to really make a lasting impression, then one of the best things you can do is make sure that you stay in the forefront of your customer’s mind. When customers visit your website and leave for any reason without making a purchase, you’re in a unique position to retarget your advertising and personalise it to that person.

Rather than simply sending out a general advertisement for your company, you can implement data to display an ad that features the product your potential customer was looking at before they left. There are plenty of retargeting platforms available for use today, including ones that are native to Twitter, Facebook, and Google.



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