What is SEO?

Linus Sebastian from TechQuickie breaks it down for us.   Please note that we disagree with his statements regarding the sponsor of his video, Squarespace.

Bringing Offline Customers Online

Our first livestream about growing your business and offline to online marketing. Feel free to leave your questions about Adwords and SEO in the lead up, either here on on Facebook.

Why do we keep getting SEO Email Spam?

In this video I investigate SEO Spam. Who’s sending it? You’d be surprised at the answer, I was! Watch as I show you the results of replying to those pesky SEO Spam Emails that we all get.   Transcript: What happens when you reply to SEO Spam? We all get it. Some of us, more than others. […]

Does Wix Cause Issues with SEO?

Transcript: Does Wix Cause issues with SEO? Wix is a website platform aimed at DIY’ers, so naturally they’re going to make sacrifices in order to deliver a system that’s easier to use. From an SEO Stand point, Wix is not an ideal choice for the following reasons. Firstly, Wix is slow. A Wix Website can […]

How to make Facebook Multi-Product Ads

Update: You no longer need to use the Power Editor to create Multi-Product ads, now they can be created using the normal ads tool. It’s good practice however to get accustom to the power editor as it gets more features sooner.